• Our festive thanks and opening hours

    We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2018.

    The Blake’s Kitchen team are going to take a bit of a break over the festive period to recharge and finalise some exciting new plans for 2018. Our first full year of running Blake’s has been both exhausting and rewarding in equal measure. Being new to this we weren’t quite sure what to expect and we know we have made plenty of mistakes along the way. But the support and kind words from our customers along the way has made it all worthwhile. We also wanted to say a massive thank you to our team for their hard work and support throughout the year. They have been amazing!

  • To my fellow coffee lovers

    Hi there!

    Now, the eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that we opened a café without tea, coffee or anywhere to sit. This is of course true. Clearly this was either amateurish or part of a cleverly designed marketing plan to build interest, suspense and customer engagement. Please treat that as a rhetorical question; there really is no need to answer it next time you see us. In our defence, having your first baby at the same time as opening a new business definitely slows you down a little. Plus, being really honest, we haven’t done this before and didn’t want to add too much complexity in one go.

  • Time to start recruiting

    Time to start recruiting.

    We now need to create a team that will do our fantastic new home justice (you can read about the build here).

    We have a number of vacancies that we are looking to fill, including back of house and front of house opportunities. To work at Blake’s Kitchen you will need to share our love of food and drink, and be passionate about delivering a great service for every customer, in the heart of our community.


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