About the course

Join artisan baker Tom Baker for a day of baking delicious handmade bread at Blake’s Kitchen. During this day-long course Tom will give you a full-on, hands-on, breaducation. You’ll discover what went wrong in the 1960’s, why gluten should be everyone’s favourite protein, what real bread really is, and what we all should be doing about it. We’ll be focussing on yeasted breads including focaccia, ciabatta, fougasse and pita, as well as standard white and wholemeal loaves and rolls.

You’ll be welcomed by fresh bread, coffee, and some of Tom’s legendary homemade preserves. We’ll get cracking with mixing and kneading doughs in several different ways, before focussing on flatbreads like pita and fougasse that we can eat straight away for lunch. We’ll then progress to various shaping and finishing techniques before baking off our final loaves and rolls in the Blake’s ovens. Tom will give you a quick introduction to what sourdough bread is too and we’ll bake off some sourdough loaves to take home.

You’ll leave with armfuls of real bread, heaps of new knowledge and skills, and hopefully feeling inspired to become regular real bread bakers at home. We’ll throw in a plastic dough scraper too - as you’ll learn, it’s your new best friend!

Course Details

Location: Blake's Kitchen, Clanfield
Time: 10am - 5pm

For any enquiries please contact our course tutor Tom Baker

hand baked focaccia