Blake's brings silver to clanfield

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In the very (very) early hours of a warm September morning, Nicola of Blake’s kitchen was already shaping dough. However, it was no ordinary Wednesday as, in amongst the usual loaves, buns and rolls, were some extra special products that were destined to make their way further afield - to the Tiptree World Bread Awards: the UK’s leading Awards celebrating the art of bread making.

A few hours later, we were loading up a box with our favourite Blake’s baked goods; the Blake’s multigrain and white sourdough loaves, a lardy cake, a ciabatta and, of course, everyone’s favourite - the cinnamon bun. We wished them luck and sped them into Central London, with minutes to spare.

Nicola with the extra special bakes

The judges - 80 of them - accomplished bakers, food critics, authors and experts from around the country, and winners of the Great British Bake Off from past and present years. No pressure!

Our first ever competition and we were up against a lot of great bakeries - but even so, we couldn’t help getting a bit excited, and scoured social media for pictures of our bread being judged! Zooming in, we could make out a couple of ours in amongst the hundreds of entries.

The results were announced a few days later, and whilst we didn’t win any of the categories we entered, we were awarded silver in the ‘speciality sweet’ category for our cinnamon bun, and bronze in the ‘real bread campaign’ category for the Blake’s multigrain sourdough - newly developed just a few weeks prior. We are delighted and are incredibly excited to share the news with all of our customers.

Our silver placed award

Full of confidence in Blake’s Bread, we will definitely be entering next year, only this time we’re going for Gold!

We always love to hear your feedback on our bread and pastries - we make, by hand, all our breads, using only natural ingredients, Monday to Saturday. (We just can’t get enough of those early starts.)